We have over 12,000+ customizable vector designs and cliparts for you to choose from to help you design a custom t-shirt. You can design your custom T-shirts, Hoodies and PicShirt with our online design studio in 7 easy steps. Follow these simple steps to create your own customized apparel.

Step 1: Click on the “Get Started” button below and select Option 2 for “Design Templates” on our online design studio.

Step 2: Select t-shirt or hoodie from product list.

Step 3: From the “Art Work” section, choose a design template you want to use or select “Upload Image” to use your very own image or photo.

Step 4: Select print location (Front or back) on t-shirt or hoodie.

Step 5: Add text.

Step 6: Save work.

Step 7: Submit to get quote.

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Custom Shirts

 We design it, we print or embroidered it.

Create Your Own Custom T-Shirts or Hoodies

BIT Studios is a leading design t-shirt company in the custom t-shirts & hoodies market. If you want your own t-shirt or hoodie with your own design, we can produce it for you and ship it out in less than 48 business hours. There are no minimum order amounts. Create your own custom t-shirts & hoodies design now by using our Online Design Studio!

Custom PicShirts

Make a custom PicShirt to commemorate a special event or person like a birthday or anniversary, or a company picnic or a family reunion.We offer both full-color and black & white photo printing on white apparel only.

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